Diaries of Sarah Hurst

publisher/date: Amberley Publishing, 2009
pages:  328
paperback only
genre: diary

I adore this book – a diary written in such straight-forward language that Sarah Hurst seems to be talking to you, confiding in you.

Sarah’s lifetime lasts until the 19th century, but this diary covers a period of her life in which she was in love, engaged, then secretly married. Exciting times for a young lady!



  • West Sussex Gazette’s article on the book and its author
  • the book’s page at Amberley’s website
  • the Horsham exhibition that took place after the success of the book


If you’ve read this book — or want to do so — please leave a comment


4 comments on “Diaries of Sarah Hurst

  1. lifeangel07 says:

    interesting! I would love to read this book.

    • Sorry to take so long to respond, but wanted to say that there are a couple “editions” of Sarah’s diaries. Although looking tonight I see only the Amberley edition (and that is the one I’d recommend, although I’ve not seen the earlier one), there also exists an edition published by the Horsham Museum Society. Both are edited by Susan Djabri. The introduction and some illustrations were expanded/added for the Amberley publication.

      Should you read it and want to comment on it, I’m all ears!


  2. Here is my blog post on “Sarah Hurst’s Diaries”, if you are interested. I really enjoyed reading this book!

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