A Little List

March 2015: I’ve got a little list – NOT of “society’s offenders who never would be missed” but of books from my library. I never did do much here, did I? It’s HARD to say something concrete about books one “loves” but haven’t read in quite some time… Current thinking is to introduce a NEW PAGE: a “Shelves in Kelly’s Library” kind of thing. We all have a system for storing books, and I do tend to “group” mine together. 18th Century England, biographies in one area; 19th century musicians in another; travel narratives some other place. Most of the books in my library I CAN recommend (though I do confess to a problem in getting RID of books I disliked… Can’t help but think that maybe in a different frame of mind I’d really rather like it.)

So while thoughts are brewing, like a good cup of tea, I’ll leave This page still UNDER CONSTRUCTION — but I wanted to pop in a little page in case there were some “YOU MUST READ THIS” comments.

So, if you’ve a book recommendation – or want to see your book reviewed here, drop me a line or post a comment.

Since I’ve been slow to add books to REGENCY READS, as mentioned to a couple people, I hereby provide A Little List. Titles alone oftentimes are evocative enough to make readers seek out the books beneath them. Don’t we bibliophiles trawl bibliographies for that elusive “hmmm… didn’t know about this book” ???

My rationale will always tend toward the “complete” and most authoritative edition.

I tend to favor “original” editions over reprints (unless the “modern” edition is a revised and/or expanded reprint; see point 1).

I also favor complete originals over condensed modern versions.

A few biographies will be included.

I would like to be able to introduce, annotate, and flesh out these choices. But some I have not read in years.

The major thread they all have in common: I loved them!

* * *

In no particular order, other than where they sit on my shelves…

The Diary of Joseph Farington (Cave, Newby et al) [16 vols + index]

Retrospections of Dorothea Herbert, 1770-1806

The Diary of a Victorian Lady, Adelaide Pountney

The Diary of a Country Parson, James Woodforde

Kilvert’s Diary

The Torrington Diaries [4 vols.]

The Journal of Samuel Curwen, Loyalist [2 vols]

Hancox: A House and a Family (Charlotte Moore)

Thomas Creevey’s Papers / Creevey’s Life and Times / The Creevey Papers

Woman Behind the Painter: The Diaries of Rosalie, Mrs James Clarke Hook

Talking with Past Hours: The Victorian Diary of William Fletcher of Bridgenorth

Journals of Dorothy Wordsworth (Selincourt edition)

Queen Victoria and Thomas Sully (Carrie Rebora Barrett)

The Wynne Diaries, 1770-1820 {AKA the Journals of Elizabeth Wynne} [3 vols]

Diary of a Betley Governess (Mavis E. Smith)

Jane Austen’s Letters (Le Faye; now out in its 4th edition) / Jane Austen’s Manuscript Letters in Facsimile (Modert) (this last is special – reminds me of being at the Hampshire Record Office looking over Smith&Gosling letters!)

Journal of Clarissa Trant

The Diaries of Anne Lister (Whitbread: I Know my Own Heart / No Priest but Love; Liddington: Female Fortune)

A Medical Student at St Thomas’s Hospital, 1801-1802: The Weekes Family Letters (John M. T. Ford)

The John Marsh Journals: The Life and Times of a Gentleman Composer (1752-1828) (Brian Robins) [vol 2 was due in 2012; it’s finally been released in July 2013!]

Cosima Wagner’s Diaries, 1869-1877 and 1878-1883 (2 vols)

The Marriage Diaries of Clara and Robert Schumann {review on this website}

I am the most interesting book of all: The Diaries of Marie Bashkirtseff (Kernberger) {seeking vol 2! in the meantime see this announcement about Lust for Glory to be released in 2012}{as of Feb 2013, the duo is available as a Kindle download}

‘In the Solitude of My Soul’: The Diary of Geneviève Bréton, 1867-1871

Cassatt and Her Circle: Selected Letters

The Complete Letters of Mary Wortley Montagu [3 vols]

The Thrales of Streatham Park

The French Journals of Mrs Thrale and Dr Johnson

The Piozzi Letters [6 vols]

The Correspondence of Emily, Duchess of Leinster [3 vols] {these books now online; see the post at Two Teens in the Time of Austen}

Miss Weeton’s Journal of a Governess [2 vols]

The Hamwood Papers of the Ladies of Llangollen and Caroline Hamilton

Dear Miss Heber: An Eighteenth Century Correspondence

The Grand Tour of Catherine Wilmot

A Governess in the Age of Jane Austen

Two Victorian Girls / Two Victorian Ladies / The Halls of Ravenswood [3 vols]

The Grove Diaries, 1809-1925

The Letters of Sarah Harriet Burney

The Journal of Mrs Arbuthnot [2 vols]

The Diary of Clara Crowninshield

The Greville Memoirs, 1814-1860 (Lytton Strachey and Roger Fulford) [8 vols]


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