YouTube Reviews!

country houseTake a tour inside this superb book, Mark Girouard’s Life in the English Country House now on YouTube.

YouTube is a GREAT way to showcase books of architecture or costume — anything, really, with a wealth of illustration. This video review follows on the heels of my introductory video on volume 1 for the diary series of Norfolk-native Mary Hardy.

READ the 2012 review of Girouard’s book on Regency Reads.


A Departure: plugging Bas Bleu

Adding a couple of links to my Book Nook page, I clicked on the Bas Bleu link, and went through their entire catalogue. Oh, where to find the time to READ so many interesting books?!

I see Kate Atkinson has a new book out… And ditto Susan Vreeland (I loved her Girl in Hyacinth Blue, among others)… A retelling of Jane Eyre in The Flight of Gemma Hardy… Many Georgette Heyer titles… And some Jane Austen-related bits and pieces. Gotta have a closer look myself at a couple of items, including the book Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey: The Lost Legacy of Highclere Castle. Sounds like maybe Julian Fellowes did a bit of archival sleuthing…

Watercolor postcard kits make me think of my Smith&Gosling girls, Emma and Mary. No kidding: there are letters, I’m thinking of one by Emma’s youngest sister, Maria, where a sketch covers the first half of the first page.

And what a BETTER find than: