Online: Lady Charlotte Bridgeman’s Journals

lady charlotte bridgeman
Although I’ve mentioned this on Two Teens in the Time of Austen, “GEORGIAN GEMS, REGENCY READS & VICTORIAN VOICES” is the perfect place to pay homage to a new set of journals. The work of Marianne and Philip van Dael, all researchers and readers of diaries owe them a nod of ‘thanks’ for offering this online!

From February 1846 through January 1857 (at present the online journals being in 1847), extant journals present the life of Lady Charlotte, her family, and friends. To my surprise: Lady Charlotte’s family was related to the Seymours of Kinwarton! So, how wonderful to read of Orlando Gunning (Richard Seymour’s brother-in-law), Lady Elizabeth and Charles Scrase Dickins (Fanny Seymour’s cousins); and hear of stays at Coolhurst, the Sussex home of the Dickins family. I’m still “dipping in” and urge you to come join me – at Weston (the Bridgeman estate), in London, or even Wells – favorite haunt of the Smiths of Suttons.