Hello world!

An idea I had for a while is a site dedicated to good books on the eras I love in English History, namely:

  • Georgian Gems
  • Regency Reads
  • Victorian Voices

These, specifically, are autobiographies, diaries, letter collections, biographies, histories. If you’re looking for novels, you probably won’t find them here… If you’re looking for the best in old and new books that I’ve met in my travels, well, stay tuned!


2 comments on “Hello world!

  1. Katie Davison says:

    Hey there! I’m curious to know what your readership is, do you know how many people view your page each month?

    Thanks – love the post about Sophi du Pont by the way!

    • Hi, Katie —

      I’ve had a couple hundred visitors; but the site is “young” and the information is still being built up. I’ve so many books, but trying to pick one, talk about it, when it’s been some years since I’ve read it can be a bit of a challenge. And then there’s finding the time to blog — my Smith&Gosling takes up the time I find to get online sometimes…

      Being at UDel you are right in Sophie’s backyard. I HIGHLY recommend the book. Really wish more had been done with her (or others in the family), because materials certainly seem available.


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