Diaries of Sarah Hurst

publisher/date: Amberley Publishing, 2009
pages:  328
paperback only
genre: diary

I adore this book – a diary written in such straight-forward language that Sarah Hurst seems to be talking to you, confiding in you.

Sarah’s lifetime lasts until the 19th century, but this diary covers a period of her life in which she was in love, engaged, then secretly married. Exciting times for a young lady!



  • West Sussex Gazette’s article on the book and its author
  • the book’s page at Amberley’s website
  • the Horsham exhibition that took place after the success of the book


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Hello world!

An idea I had for a while is a site dedicated to good books on the eras I love in English History, namely:

  • Georgian Gems
  • Regency Reads
  • Victorian Voices

These, specifically, are autobiographies, diaries, letter collections, biographies, histories. If you’re looking for novels, you probably won’t find them here… If you’re looking for the best in old and new books that I’ve met in my travels, well, stay tuned!