More Boswell

Have been, this weekend, much immersed in the book Pride & Negligence: The History of the Boswell Papers. What a convoluted tale, of siblings, inheritance, misplaced manuscripts, and dedicated collectors and editors. Poor Boswell! having read much about his own proclivities (he might have saved his relations must angst if he had used cypher – […]

The Hunt for Boswell

Just ordered a copy of Pride and Negligence: The History of the Boswell Papers (1982), which is the story of the finding and accumulation of the papers, letters, journals of James Boswell! The introductory chapter of Peter Martin’s A Life of James Boswell is one of the most thrilling tales about manuscripts — from the letters […]

Boswell’s London Journal, 1762-1763

Publisher / date: McGraw-Hill, 1950 pages: 370 Hardcover {but many later editions} genre: diary Casting my mind back, I’m really not sure how I first found this book. Library? I certainly had seen it time and again in used bookstores; but purchased the copy I have (it is really a first edition, as it claims?) […]

Letters online

Sites are listed alphabetically by last name of collection / writer(s). Click the accompanying picture to access the main website under discussion. The Adams Family Collection Letters date: collection as whole spans 1639 to 1889 The Massachusetts Historical Society has a FABULOUS site offering all the diaries and letters of Abigail Adams (my favorite among […]