The Diary of Thomas Turner, 1754-1765

I’ve long known about the publication of Thomas Turner‘s diary. I’ve skirted his part of Sussex. though never visited East Hoathly.

Finally, about a month ago, I decided, at the drop of a hat, to order a copy of the book, as edited by David Vaisey. While waiting for the mail to deliver, I had a look around the internet – and turned up a couple of pleasant surprises.

One of the biggest surprises was to find that Thomas Turner’s papers are no longer in the U.K.! They reside in the archives of Yale. I assumed the diaries and other pertinent papers were at The Keep, the Sussex county archive.

For a taste of the diary, check out “The Trials of Thomas Turner” on HISTORIES.

One of the most delightful finds: “The World of Thomas Turner” featured on CAUGHT BY THE RIVER. The retelling is witty, but the cartoons are a true delight. The link will bring you to the full EIGHT columns about Turner and his diary-life.

Found, also, an announcement that two academics were at work on a new scholarly edition of Turner’s diary! Alas, the Thomas Turner website has had little _recent_ updating — for instance, the book is described as coming out in 2020 or 2021; one year is past, and the other is quickly heading for the door. So not quite sure WHERE the project stands.

In the meanwhile, there are quantities of copies of Vaisey’s thick extraction from the existing diaries.


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