Regency Explorer – check out New Releases

Happy 2021 wishes to all Readers, despite January being a week from its end (already…). To celebrate, I invite you to check out the superb list of NEW RELEASE books Regency Explorer puts up every month.

My interests, as expressed here at Georgian Gems, Regency Reads & Victorian Voices, often deal with old books re-found, or new diaries presented through websites. But there is no thrill like a book in the hand…

Regency Explorer’s pickings tend to the historical and biographical. Right up my alley – and I hope yours too. Centered a great deal on Europe, most choices are British in some respect; but not all! Some offerings, even, are in languages beyond English. From the rather long list of January 2021 releases, there’s been little delay thanks to covid in getting books to the press. I even see a *new* Jane Austen book of literary criticism that I must check out (for the curious: P.J. Allen, Jane Austen’s Lost Novel: Its Importance for Understanding the Development of her Art).

With Amazon on the brink of getting rid of its easy ADVANCED SEARCH form in favor of “recommendations” (and, often, “sponsored” books that have ABSOLUTELY nothing in common with my search term), lists like these, of new releases, become more and more important.

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