BookWatch: January 2014

Being a member of BIO – Biographers International Organization, we are treated every month to The Biographyer’s Craft, a newsletter all about biography, books, writers.

When I spotted that many of my “wish list books” came from just one perusal of the newsletter, it dawned that to cull it each month might yield some “hey! I forgot all about that book” and induce a re-look or two. I’ll work to also post them in the New & Exciting page. I hope anyone with comments will feel free to participate!

Elsewhere I have mentioned that wartime chronicles also catch my eye from time to time (WWI and WWII, especially the British homefront; also Holocaust chronicles). And that is where this first in the list falls.

NB: these books haven’t been seen, but their subject-matter makes them sound of interest.

Nicholas Shakespeare, Priscilla: The Hidden Life of an Englishwoman in Wartime France (HarperCollins)

Catherine Hewitt, Valtesse de la Bigne: A Courtesan’s Conquest of Paris (sold to Icon Books)


And one non-BIO book I anticipate with great relish: Deirdre Le Faye, Jane Austen’s Country Life (Francis Lincoln; not due out until June, 2014)


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